What to do when not doing too much

Since I was self limited to full rest mode, we needed something to do that would not stress my ankle.

A joint visit to next town’s local street market took care of our morning, while a visit to a friend we had not seen in at least 20 years, set up the afternoon.

Strange how so many people who have crossed our lives long ago in far away places surface here in this remote part of France, practically next to each other’s.

We had a pleasant visit with Joëlle who turned us on to an interesting visit of one of the original 18th century local plantation, ran by a widow, mother of 13 children, owner over 400 slaves that is now a museum depicting the island’s history of slavery and subsequent emancipation. We learned how that such history contributed to La Reunion present day ethnic mixing pot, and multi racial blend of Creole Culture

The day ended with sunset watching from the pool, sipping drinks.

While some among us prepared dinner, and others, like the General and Patrick, worked out the fine points of tomorrow’s picnic outing along the coast and up to some park at the top of a ravine overlooking the remote wild nature’s parks.

After today forced rest, iam looking forward to wild tomorrow.

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