Muriel & Patrick Effervescent wedding

The big event of this adventure is the reason we came: Muriel and Patrick chose to itch each othe officially and their three children stood at their side to Sal them down the aisle. Well, more like the symbolic isle since it turns out the wedding took place at Saint Paul city hall and they went down the spiral staircase.

I can tell you about it , trust me, since I was one of Patrick’s official witness that signed into the official civil contract.

Post town-hall we all headed for the beach where we participated in a very sweet and tender touching exchange of vows and ring. Your truly and Sue were among a few who got to give a speech and share the officiant’s duty in bestowing various spiritual blessings during an hindi like ceremony.

The entire party headed to the couple’s amazing residence in a wedding style cottage with the newlywed couple leading in their friend F340 red Ferrari.

We all ended together at that Patrick and Muriel Hollywood like house where the reception was catered in the most tasteful manner by one of the island reputed beach side restaurant.

The reception atmosphere was a splendid reflection of the open, casual spirit of the amazing union. Everything was staged for good food and pleasant relating. Special games created by the couple stimulated conversations between all guests in the most touching and real manners that enticed everybody in finding what they shared in commun with each other’s. A wonderful feeling easily spiced up by endless food depicting local fare and of course plenty of champagne based concoctions and La Reunion rum cocktails.

The lively conversations did not prevent dancing and since the event took place at the newlywed own house, the festivities went on long into the night until the live band and the dancers got exhausted inspite of fréquent reinvigorating plunged into the house pool. .

We all slept late, a rare thing on this early riser island, and spared our energy and appetite for the evening beach gathering on the private Copacabana restaurant whose owner was the previous night caterer and a very close friend of Muriel & Patrick. There, once again the festivities promoted closeness and tender sharing, great food and endless drinks watching the sunset and the children beach playing.

A fitting continuation of the feast.

It would be easy to assume this is the end of the celebration but if I believe what I have been told, this is indeed just the beginning

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