Settling in Saint Gilles les Bains

The weather’s gods were listening to our well wishing friends prayers and our second day here was graced by a welcome sunshine. From the early hours of the day, the hot sun teased frightened white clouds away . The crashing waves bathed the golden sand with plume of foaming water contrasting with the star likes sparkles of the wast blue sea.

We spend the day discovering our little village while attending to the obligatory chores of settling in. Visits to the fruits and vegetables road side markets, the bakers and the butchers stores, the unavoidable supermarket. All at island pace, thrilled by the marvelous landscapes and already feeling the hot kisses of the sun. By noon we visited the life saving pharmacy for welcome anti mosquitoes creams and skin protecting sun blockers.

One by one, throughout the day, the younger children and their families arrived, filling the house and the pool with joyful noises and the

delighted screams of their own young children, of which there was 8.

Wisely, Sue spent plenty of time in shaded rooms, sleeping away the tiredness of our long journey here and overcoming the 8 hours time difference that plagues our bodies with jet lag.

My day was completed when I successfully secured a top level road bike my size with the help of a local cycling aficionado, friend of my nephew Patrick. The hills are waiting,and judging from what I saw today, there are everywhere around and steep.

My legs are eager to pedal my way on as many as our charged schedule for the next few days will allow. For indeed what is ahead of us, Saturday And Sunday is the many events surrounding the wedding.

I better get some sleep to be in form for that.

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