In Conclusion: For me the meaning of “Kol Hakavod” is two things: Gratitude for the support and joy because the effort was worth it.

It started as a dream never fulfilled and evolved into a tribute to our beloved Michele’s deep belief in good deeds to cope with adversity.  The ride in Israel allowed me a personal transformation from out of shape and sad to my best physical level and the great sensations one discover when contributing to something as worthwhile as the care for ALYN’s Hospital Children.

I am grateful for it all for in the end I stood the top beneficiary of the effort made. In truth I could not have made it without the support of so many around me.  Sue and the family who immediately engaged in making sure the ride would happen.  Jim and Jeff for joining in the training.  The guys on the road who gave daily “kudos” for each achieved progress, and of course ALYN staff and the hundred or more who contributed generously to the fundraising.

In a couple of weeks I will turn 72 years old and will start to get ready for my next challenge.  In the process of fulfilling this one, The Wheels of Love ride took me, in style and comfort,  to places I haunted 50 years ago, penniless and down and out. It was a marvelous journey, full of the beauty of magic, but also a journey  back to a suffering land that peace has yet to grace. For three weeks, I once again touched people  struggling to solve huge problems that are  hard to understand from the distance and comfort of our country. I wish them well and hope to see them succeed.  Perhaps there is a lesson here when I looked at our experience with the Ride.   We rode in harmony, united by a selfless purpose:  Jews and Christians, Muslims.Israelis and riders from 13 countries and most amazing of all: a team of young Palestinian from East Jerusalem.  The kids for whom we rode may not know yet but I hope they will that in the end it is the giver who benefit from the gift well before others and for this I am grateful I was one of them.  Thank you all who joined me there.

Kol Hakavod.  I think it means “well done”

2 thoughts on “In Conclusion: For me the meaning of “Kol Hakavod” is two things: Gratitude for the support and joy because the effort was worth it.

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