In the end

we went to see Petra and like millions before us, we loved it.  Two days we walked and gasped in awe. Looking up and finding more delight for our eyes. What a magic place to visit.  Sue kept exclaiming as she snapped one picture after another.  Thrilled by the natural shapes of the rocks’ formations.

We must have walked ten miles in the time that we spend visiting.  The trip was coming to an end, we could feel it and the last few days went fast, traveling as we did through the Negev desert and back to the hustle and bustle of  Jerusalem where we picked up our bikes and Tell Aviv where we said our goodbyes to Israel

The plane was to take us early, but we did manage a long walk on Tel Aviv beach, a look at the sun sinking in the sea,  a last dinner on a sidewalk restaurant enjoying people-watching, frowning at the smokers of which there are still too many.  We were ready to go home

4 thoughts on “In the end

  1. Merci pour tous ces récits et témoignages si généreux. C’etait un bonheur d’avoir pu ainsi être avec vous pour partager ces moments inoubliables.


      1. Andre and Jim— Well done!!!!– Michele would be proud of you all.

        Loved all your descriptions of your rides & adventures,& how you beautifully described your trip! And what a great way to support the children at Alyn Hospital
        Was sorry to hear about Jeff and his need for hip surgery–
        (Jeff’s colleague had similar experience recently hitting a pothole while biking– breaking bone near hip requiring surgery and may still need a hip replacement–but he has not been able to travel at all the past month)
        Looks like your trip to Petra was wonderful with hiking and beautiful rock formations.
        Andre– also nice for you to visit places where you traveled long ago.

        Looking forward to seeing you & Susan, hearing more details, and seeing more pix!

        Love, Carol


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