Souvenirs! Souvenirs! Half a Century After.

Over fifty years have passed since I left my little dog ” Tramp” with Aviva and her brother in kibbutz Mishmar David. We parted with tense emotions, they wishing I would stay and settle, me convinced I would never see my 30th birthday, Tramp simply glad to feel loved.  Here I am 72 in a couple of weeks, once again saying good byes to a country I may not see again but I am glad to have rediscovered.

Now that we have put our bikes back in the boxes that will bring them home, we started a sweet journey through places I once roamed, hungry and bold, carefree and thirsty for adventures.  

Even though much has changed to an unrecognizable level,  there is enough left of the past I remember. Sure, the country has grown beyond expectations.  But it has done so with deep transforming battle scars that strangely counterbalance the admirable beauty of its growth, 

The vitality of Israel that stayed strong has produced some strange edifices everywhere and yet the beauty that seduced me long ago is there and I am having an amazing great time showing it to Sue and Jim.  We are putting full days enjoying the sights as we travel north. We exhausted our appetite for everything Jerusalem to discover the sun drenched beauty of the ancient towns of the Mediteranee’s coastline: Tel Aviv hives us Yafo and Cezarea.  Haifa gaves us the Baha’i gardens and Saint Jean d’Acre Templars city in the north. We are thrilled and truly amazed at every wonderful sight.  Tired at the end of each long day, but eager to see more the next morning. 

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