Second day :  Rain to Sunshine

The legs were ready and eager to pedal when morning came around.  Rain drops falling did not put a damper to our enthusiasm and we left at a good speed to face our second challenge on a route that soon rose till the sunshine met us.

Today was promising much more climbing, ( 4800 or so of total elevation) although  most of the rises were gentler albeit longer, excep for the first one.  That one, done almost entirely under some persisting drizzle, was tough but I managed to stay with the front group, until they accelerated for the second part of the climb. At the top I came in proudly in the first ten riders and later stay connected till the finish  69 miles later.

Challenging as it was, we all were in conservation mode , our mind focused on the mammouth stage awaiting us tomorrow.

Post rider, after another delicious dinner, we listen to a great presentation on Israel Cycling academy.  This team is the first pro team racing in all the international races and their status was instrumental in making it possible for the prestigious Giro d’Italia to start next year in Irael  and race the first 3 stages. We are looking forward  to ride with them tomorrow . Well at least for a few early miles 

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