Holly Land : We are here. Let’s Roll

The trip was long,  the flight quite full, buzzing with the sounds of prayers and the echoing waves of babies cries.  Not a piece of cake, really but, honestly, not a Calvary either.  Didn’t we come to Israel to realize a “ Challenge”?

Israel has grown in the past 50 years or more since I came here, penniless, young and naive, hungry for adventures.  In many ways, however it remain the Israel I remember. Just more so, more itself and filled with people: Jews and Arabs and lots of tourists.  That is the biggest changes.  The Israel of my memories was much less populated

We arrived at Sunset.  (Sort off) and the city was shining under the golden globe of a hot sun whose rays pierced was the reddened clouds of smoke from a nearby forest fire.  Jerusalayim! We are here.

One thought on “Holly Land : We are here. Let’s Roll

  1. Now that I have almost caught up with your enthralling narrative, I just had to leave another comment! You should be so proud of yourself and what you have achieved. Michelle is certainly cheering you on! What a wonderful thing you are doing, and so exciting! The best!


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