The Rise and Fall of “Team Goyim”


First we were just 2:  Jimmy AKA Toes and I and we didn’t really make any effort to recruit more members.  Jeff was part of the trip, like Sue but not decided to ride.   As the training rides multiplied over the summer, Jeff became excited and worked hard to built his shape to the point where he felt he could join the ride as well taking part in the whole visit of Israel we plan to do after the event. I must admit I was quite taken by the efforts Jeff was making to add miles to the training ride, speed when he could, strength by practicing hill climbing and even skill under the humorist directions of sergeant JIM.  So now we truly were 3 and the training was coming to a close with a few more outings before we took a break and travel to Jerusalem on the 25th.

Unfortunately, that is when disaster struck us.  On a rare ride, late in the day, when the three of us were heading for a steady but easy 40 miles, Jeff hit a pot hole and went down. We didn’t see it happen as we had turned the corner already, but he did fall hard and couldn’t even get up. Good people nearby helped him as we returned to see what had happened and it was quite evident something had to be broken and he was in pain.

In the end, sadly for him and all who care for him.  He was hospitalized after they diagnosed a severe hip fracture where the femur meets the hip.   For many good reason “hip replacement” was prescribe and all that was done in a hurry today. Poor Jeff will not be on the ride and “Team Goyim” is back to two. It is a big loss and we are all say it happened.   Many have joined Jim and I in wishing Jeff a fast rehab and recovery.

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