Hawks and quarters make disbeliever smile

two weeks left to train before we leave for Israel

I wasn’t going to tell but I can’t resist as I am still smiling.  So this is how it went.  A couple we know from bereavement group, shared with us during a recent get together how since their son is gone they keep finding in odd place, little reminder of special little things they had in common.  The father who ran  this business with his son mentioned how he constantly find pennies or dimes where there were none before.  A sign he attributes to visitation by his son’s spirit.  To be honest, I am not altogether taken by this kind of belief but I managed to joke :” I don’t much about spirit visitation but if Michele leaves me a reminder it won’t be nickelsand dimes, to be sure it will be at least a quarter.” So last Wednesday, after several days off the bike to rest and do the memorial, I resumed riding with the group. I was quite happy to pedal softly, for once avoiding pushing hard, and simply chit-chatting with people about my soon to happen trip to Israel and the tribute to Michele I intent to do during the event.  Stopped at a traffic light where we have stopped a hundred time before, my eyes drifted to the group in front of  the wheel of my bike and lo and behold I noticed a shiny quarter who must have been there for sometimes as it was really embedded in the asphalt.  “Here goes my Michele calling card.” I joked to the lady stopped near me.  I saw the look of surprise on her face and before she could ask anything, I raised  my hand toward the sky, with my index finger pointed upward as I went on saying before even lifting my gaze: ”  This message can’t be comple unless there is a b”…….” I didn’t finish my sentence because by then my eyes had gone up and I stood speechless for a moment because right above where we were, a red tailed hawk, (Michele’s favorite ), was circling low and slow against the bleu sky right above the entire stopped  group.  

Now that touched me to the heart and later I came back to take a picture of the quarter even if I don’t totally believe in all that, I can’t deny it felt really good and like I was protected and that is more than enough for me.

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