Target met but Target Rock missed

Now I actually can feel the benefit of the spring hard work:  The gradual increase in distance, the comfort when riding at high speed with the group and of course the ease of my climbing now that my weight is where it should be and I have the power to tackle any sort of incline.  For the pleasure of riding I headed to Target Rock for what might have come to be a 70 miles rides.  I dragged Irish John with me, hoping to inspire him to enjoy some new routes.  Enjoy he did.  At his own pace, of course. But with the generous help of Mexican Jose  and of  Chase, our new Korean younger ride, we managed to drag John up and down some North Shore roads and almost all the way to Target Rock Park our initial destination.  When I ride, the effort and rhythm of pedaling often brings melodies to mind and sad sensation of the huge loss I am trying to cope with.  Having people around to challenge me help, but having people to “help” sustain a pace has its own soothing benefit. I feel some elation and for a moment forget how much I miss Michele


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