When “recovery ride” means keeping up with the MCC group

Finally I did it… well, I did it with the MCC Wednesday gang:  A “Recovery Ride” 63 miles long that was just at the ride speed and the right mix of short hills and flats.  I do feel my program is on pace and little by little I am adding miles to my outings.  It feels good to be able to bike inside the group and to do it comfortably in any terrain.  Granted, for them it is the recovery ride and not the full gas version. I will save that challenge for later in September after I do a little more speed training. Riding with the MCC group has some added benefit:  There is always somebody who takes pictures or video of the group while we amble along or at the water stop..

It is evident to all , even the least observant rider, that while I can keep up with the speed and sustain the length of the ride,  somebody is going to have to teach me to smile and ride at the same time…  I know. I know.. That could be more difficult than getting me to pedal with style. But there is hope….  at least for the smiles

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