Bright day to dark night pedaling

With Fall around the corner, rain drenching the training roads more often, and schools reopened bringing more frequent babysitting duties, I found it hard to at time to get enough opportunities to ride long rides.  With about 51 days to go till we head for Israel for WOL, I am getting eager to use any spare time I can get.  cyclinginthedark

That is why I ended up yesterday afternoon ready to join the Triangle Cyclists on their 6 PM ride.  Since I was busy all day with my grand son, I took the road a little past 4 PM and warmed up alone up and down Douglaston hills.  By the time I joined the gang I was aware the rush hour traffic was heavy and intimidating but not discouraging to the point of forcing me back home.

Riding with the young group through the cars reminded me of old times when I used to do the evening ride regularily. I think I have not done this ride since I retired from work in 2007.  (my goodness, how time flies: it has been 10 years already.)  To my surprise, I managed to keep up with the speed and the strong accelerations of the group all the way to the “Wall”  However, not well equipped for night riding, I was well aware dusk was approaching fast.   Finally, I decided to cut the ride short hoping to stay ahead of the group rather than be dropped later when night fall would make riding alone dangerous.  The plan worked to a point.   Somewhere in the shady section of Brookville I was left riding in total darkness.  Luckily, as my speed slowed, I was scooped back on the LIE service road by a small group of survivors who were heading west toward NYC. All the riders well equipped with strong lights.  The scary moment of pedaling in the dark was finally over and the only thing to remember was the 61 miles I manage to steal on a day I was  too busy to ride earlier.

One thought on “Bright day to dark night pedaling

  1. Fascinating narrative of a deja vue experience morphing into a potential disaster with a Hollywood (not Bollywood) ending. Could it be that a career in literature looms, or sadly, perishes for lack of pursuit? We await further developments with bated breath…


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