Back to Budapest 


​ ​​​Somebody must have leaked the news:  The Louis are back in town.  We arrived through a ride in the country side, back to Budapest late afternoon where millions  seemed to have gathered to welcome us.  What we music in every squares,  loud church bells ringing and a spectacular fireworks illuminating skies et monuments by the Danube riverside. 

Wow!!!!  Really  way, way too much.  I know we deserve warm welcome.  But this?  Well it turned out that all the merry display of joyful celebration was not at all meant for  just us,  but rather the exuberant rememberance of the creation of the Hungarian  state way,way back in the ancient time, when king Steven made this place  a country for people who came from far away in the East to settle down and give a new dimension to Europe for ever.    All right then, it still made for a very pleasant welcome back.

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