PedalPraha to Pédal’eau.

Well, with WOL date coming down  to 10 weeks to go, the trip to Prague Could’nt just be about castles and churches, beers, wine and dumplings. Yesterday, I had to Czech some of the surrounding hills. The hotel we are staying, the Ametyst, may be a jewels in many respects, however, it’s exercise room sucks.  The other day I found this really great and friendly bike store owner around the corner who rented me a bike for practically nothing.  So, well equipped, I got myself ready the old fashion way: Up early before sunrise and the start of heavy traffic.

Trouble was the wheather man was not on my side and whereas sunshine had been our staple all week in Prague, that morning forecast was for more of the rain that had fallen all night.

I can be determined. Sometimes It has an allure of obstination and so as soon as I grabbed a delicious mini croissant and a good old dark brew cup of coffee, I took the first clearing  in the fast moving clouds as my signal to mount my ride and headed down to the river, cautious over the damp cobble stones, in search of the riverside bike path I knew to be there.  The ride itself was fantastic and I found my way to a few hills to spice up the flatness of the regular bike path. A long downhill took me back through a dense forest from a sleepy village perched at the top of some hill to the returning riverside path.  After some odd 30 miles, I was back to the hotel in time for breakfast with Susan and our last touring day in Prague.  My friends in New York will be glad to see me back not totally out of shape.

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