Last effort to reach my peak before slacking down to vacation mode

What people know is not always what reality makes you face.

Take Alpes d’Huez, for example..  People immediately think of the winding 21 corkscrew like, hairpin turns that the Tour de France racers take to the top of the mountain.


But in reality, there are many gentler roads, some prettier even, that one can use to go up there or ride down like the one in the picture below .


Reason I mention this is because, sometime I choose the hard way when very close to me is the softer road that could take me the same place.  Today I tried to do that by cycling with inspired fellows who give themselves a break and don’t feel they have to push hard all the time.  The result? I think it helped my overall fitness and moved me a little closer to my goal.  Who says ” you can’t teach this old dog a new trick?…

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