Those Who did and Those who Didn’t: WOL gang first joint ride to Bear Mountain

Now you see we didn’t to start somewhere and finding a time to ride together was our first challenge.   We all agreed that  heading for the top of Bear Mountain was a worthwhile goal at this time.  So we picked a day:  Thursday July 27 and a time convenient to all.. 1 PM..  The start was quite exciting as we agreed to park and begin the ride in Palisade Park at  Englewood Cliffs Boat Basin.  Here we are  a fine bunch, for sure..  The weather was grey but the temperature pleasant and so soon we were pedaling away, enjoying the various rises and fall of the road.  We agreed to follow the 9W route, a decision that was practical but really not pleasant.  The traffic and the state of the road is rather annoying and as a rule Jim and I like better that way we use when we went in the past.

Oh well we managed to keep our smiles….  HUMMMM! until it started to drizzle and we (JIM and I ) turned weather sissy.   Eventually we decided to return to the grand chagrin of our  WOL comrades who undeterred by such light problem decided to keep on riding.    Jim and I turned around at the 29 miles marker and returned at our page, realizing in the process that we might have had hard time had we keep on with the others all the way to the top

The three of them kept their enthusiasm and smile and the pride of achieving the goal..  The drizzle never turn into rain which is a good thing for them and they managed to return right before sundown.  So  they ,  Jeff, Ilana and Steve are the hero who did it and Jim and I are the one who tried but did not…  Time will come for us, I am not worried about it.


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