105 days before Wheels of Love: Team Goyim on display today

We were there on time and awed by the size of the group, Jim and I decided to just go ahead on our own..  De facto  turning a lazy Sunday ride into a  Team Goyim training run..   ( we can smile at this point)  It just takes that, he and I pedaling together. Nothing more is needed, since the team is really just us.  Of course we professed wanting to just ride “cool and steady” but the first fast group that passed us, incited our reaction and we picked up the speed.  Before we knew, we were cruising at a fast pace, reaching back home at the same time as the Triangle sprinters.  Today’s mission accomplished.  We praised ourselves for being able to keep up with most group and made a note that soon our preparation will have to include longer outings.  I think we are ready for it.

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