To each day its own goal

You would think that by now we know how to proceed.  Well … Riding bikes seems the easy part.  writing about it in a manner that show how much we must accomplish is quite as challenging as pacing oneself up a long hill.

Officially we have 112 days to get ready for the ride.  The plan is to gradually increase the effort, the mileage and get that tush accustomed to spend long hours in the saddle.  The way it sounds might confuse you to think the whole preparation thing is a bore.  Far from it.. Each miles we do, we try to make it fun.  We join other group and match their speed and endurance.. Jimmy and I often train separately and then enjoy challenging each other, measuring how we have progressed.

These days, nobody needs to train in isolation..  bike computers, training logs, cellphone apps, everything available contributes to make the participant feels connected.  I use Strava to keep track of my progress and share the date with other who understand the effort and are generous in providing feedback and motivation.

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