Stolen Gold on friendly ride

The Gold Cost ride is 99.7 miles long.  It showcases the rich and famous neighborhoods of the North Shore of Nassau County, Long Island. It is a somewhat hilly ride and over the years we have done it before. It covers many of the roads we often use in training and we are all very familiar with the short cuts possibilities along the way.

So Today, after the hard ride of yesterday, it was only fitting we should cheat on the course.  Artie had time constrains. The heat made long ride not so attractive and rather to do the short “wall and back” with the Triangle Group,  a bunch of us :  (jeff sans Jim.. John and I , Artie and Doug.) decide to steal part of the marked road for the GC ride in order to complete a shady course of about 30 miles at conversation pace. Although we did pick up the speed at this end for a little bit of fun, we managed to enjoy a friendly ride.

Today marks 110 days to go before Wheels of Love


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