ventouxrevisitedWelcome to my world:  stories and thoughts from the roads side



Michele was supposed to be the one that wrote.  Even  as I child, she giggled and got a kick just reading my writings.  She left a lot of her own  beautiful writings behind and we treasure them, but in some ways she edged me on, past my reluctance, to start writing and here, I am.

In her honor I will do this ride I always dreamed to cycle but never could.   It is an organized yearly event in Israel.  They call it a “challenge” and that suited me perfectly.  Besides the athletic demands, the ride called ” wheels of Love” is also a fund raiser for a special cause:  Support for ALYN children Hospital in Jerusalem.

The journey has begun:  When Michele passed away, I was already quite out of shape.  The demands in the years preceding her death robbed me of the courage and determination to keep riding or stay in good physical shape.  By January of 2017 when I brought her ashes to my parents grave in France, I barely could bend to tie my shoelaces. My heart felt broken even as I forced myself to make the best of that trip back home.  Jimmy who escorted me to Bagnères de Bigorre  bagneresdebigorreforfacebookde Bigorre, my home town, witnessed how I struggled to just keep up with him when we went skiing with my nephew Jean Pierre.

All along that trip, a voice was ringing in my soul.  It had Michele’s spirit within it and the message whispered to me as I stood at her bedside when her life was rapidly coming to its end:  “Dad you must live the life I won’t have a chance to enjoy”  These words became the mantra that fuel my new resolve: I would get in shape. I would do something that honor her spirit.   I must credit Jimmy was keeping the dream of someday participating in the Wheels of Love ride.  His insistence was the catalyst that firmed up the whole project.  With the enthusiastic support of Sue, my wife and our diminished family, i was soon on the way to get ready for the October 29 start of the ride.

First thing, I had to curb my appetite but not my spirits.   43 lbs to lose.  Thanks South Beach diet plan. That goal is achieved.  All through winter,  New York Sports Club in gave me the perfect setting for tuning my body as it got slimmer and soon i was pedaling gingerly on my bike.

By the end of March with the help of a few faithful cycle buddies like Jeff, John, jim and others, I got strong enough to be back training with the Little Neck triangle gang and the multi-clubs cycling group.  Past the getting in shape level, I am not in the real training phase:  The count down to the event is chiming on my training log.   To keep up the spirit, I stay focussed on steadily fundraising and if you have not heard me asking for assistance, don’t worry.  You will. In fact those of you who have not yet done so,  you can go now and visit my fundraising page on ALYN website.. Here is a simple link to do so:

This is  a bit strange for me to be writing like this, but I have stories to tell and here might be the place to do it..  So indeed Welcome to my World of Wheels


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